I teach a variety of courses in international relations, international law, and international ethics. My teaching interests span psychology, conflict dynamics and strategy in international relations; international humanitarian law and international human rights law in international law; and empirical and normative theories of justice in war in international ethics. I also teach courses in qualitative research methods.

My goals as an instructor are twofold: (1) to engage students in the puzzles of war and peace and conflict and cooperation; and (2) to impart analytic skills with broader utility outside the classroom in the process. More on my pedagogical approach, and how it is informed by own experiences as a first generation student, can be found in my statement of teaching philosophy.


Teaching experience


1. Conceptual Foundations of International Politics, Columbia SIPA (MA-level) (Fall 2018, Fall 2019)

2. International Humanitarian Law: Regulating 21st-Century Warfare (original course), Columbia Summer Immersion Program (Summer 2020)

2. Human Rights in the 21st Century (original course), Columbia Summer Immersion Program (Summer 2020)

4. Issues in Terrorism and Counterterrorism (original course), Columbia Summer Immersion Program (Summer 2019, Summer 2020)

5. Debating the Ethics of War and Political Violence (original course), Columbia Summer Immersion Program (Summer 2017, Summer 2018)

Teaching fellow

1. Teaching fellow, International Politics (Spring 2015)

2. Teaching fellow, Introduction to Human Rights (Fall 2014)